Why I decided to coach leaders

When I transitioned from active duty military, I wanted to use my experience as a leader to help new supervisors in the civilian sector adjust to their new roles.  After enlisting in the US Coast Guard at 19 years old, I thought I knew what it took to be a successful supervisor, but I quickly learned how wrong I was. 

It took many mentors to guide me along a path to success and without their help, I would not have learned so much.  It was because of those mentors that I decided to pay it forward.  I spent my long career developing, mentoring and counseling leaders, using my natural ability to communicate authentically to help them overcome personal and professional challenges.

Throughout my time in the US Coast Guard, I noticed that some leaders lacked the ability to get buy-in from their people.  Their autocratic approach of, “go do the work because I am the boss and I say so,” wasn’t working.  I am convinced that by taking a different approach and actually connecting with employees to motivate and build them up rather than using coercion to make them comply, companies will be able to attract and retain talented employees.

As I began to engage with small and large companies outside the military, I noticed that new and existing leaders have the same struggle – How to engage and empower employees.  An even bigger hurdle seemed to be attracting and retaining talented people.  Employers invest in developing and training employees only to have them pursue other jobs, leaving them flat.  I wanted to learn more and based on everything I had read it was clear – Employees don’t quit jobs, they quit their boss!  Here is where I had my, “Eureka!” moment.  I now understood my mission. 

My career and training gave me the right blend of leadership training and employee insight to help new supervisors adapt to their roles within their organizations.  Using strategies that help build confidence, conflict resolution, management of chaotic schedules and effective communication, I can equip supervisors with the skills that, when applied, will lead to happier employees and longer retention.  A win-win scenario for everyone!

About Gabriel

Best known for his thought-provoking approach to coaching, Gabriel is an experienced leadership coach and retired US Coast Guard Senior Chief Petty Officer.  Drawing from his 21 years of experience in coaching, mentoring, training and counseling, Gabriel ventures into this path to help individuals and businesses maximize their potentials.  


His clients employ his services for his depth of business knowledge to motivate, educate and inspire aspiring and current executive leaders to achieve a higher level of success both professionally and personally.


As a dynamic leader, Gabriel brilliantly aligns leaders to the vision and future of the organization, supports them in the execution of key strategies and tactics to move initiatives forward, and helps them build capabilities to transform culture.

When not working with leaders, Gabriel enjoys camping, hiking, gardening and seeing how fast his Harley can go down Highway 101.

He is particularly excited about being home with his family on a consistent basis after missing countless birthdays, anniversaries and holidays due to frequent deployments and long work schedules.

Gabriel has been married to his wife Sara for 16 years and together they have one son and a baby on the way.


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